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I was born Harvey Lornezo Estrada. I was inspired by the most high to hear the calling on my life to perform and compose Music at the early age of two years old. This journey has taken me around the world many times living my purpose as a Musical Artist. In addition, I was led to share my passion for Music with the younger genration from my community. As a Composer and Producer I started my Music Business career in Los Angeles/Compton,  California. Where I've recorded and produced Music for many different genres for young Artists, Film and TV. I later decided to author a Music Industry Program for people to learn about the Music Industry in order to pursue their goals. In 2000, I created the first Music Technology and Commercial Business Program at Compton Community College, where I am currently the Director and Tenured Professor of Commercial Music Technology. Many students have benefited from this program over the years. Alumni's from this program are now working in the Music Industry,  as well as other industries such as Leaders in the community, Engineers, Doctor's, Attorney's, Educator's and More!

It has been a blessing for me to have been a blessing to others....


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